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Healthy Coffee International

Coffee at its best. It's healthy. And delicious!

What more can
you ask for?

The Products:

Blend, Black, Chai Milk Tea and Blast (fruit energy drink).

Healthy Coffee is a blend of gourmet coffee with reishi mushroom and ginseng. The caffeine level is only about 0.03% - a huge difference to the store-bought decaf coffees which can contain anywhere from 8.6% to over 13% caffeine.

Most of you will know something about ginseng. It is an adaptogen, an ingredient that gives you sustained energy for an extended period of time, unlike caffeine which gives you a sudden high then gives you just as sudden a drop. This, by the way, puts a great deal of stress on your adrenal glands and can cause all kinds of health problems. By switching to Healthy Coffee you can still enjoy your coffee without the damage to your body.

But you may not know much about reishi mushroom. Rather than go into detail here, I would suggest that you watch my videos. If you would like further details, please fill in the contact form on the home page and I will do what I can to help.

Check out my Healthy Coffee web site if you are interested in starting your own Healthy Coffee business. It could be the start of a whole new way of living for you.

Have a cup on me! :-)